Whistleblower & Employment

Many states have “at-will” employment laws, which means that in most cases an employee can quit or be terminated without cause and without notice. There are, however, exceptions, and we are experienced in litigating these matters.

DISCRIMINATION. The Civil Rights Act prohibits an employer from treating an employee adversely based on that person’s protected class or status, which includes the following: Age, Disability, Gender, Genetics, National Origin, Pregnancy, Race, and Religion.

WRONGFUL TERMINATION. In many states, an employer cannot terminate an employee who refuses to take some action that violates the law, or who reports a violation of the law.

WHISTLEBLOWER. Many federal and state laws are designed to encourage employees to “blow the whistle” when they witness illegal and corrupt practices such as fraud, discrimination, workplace hazards, and environmental polluting. In those cases, employees are allowed to file False Claims Act or “qui tam” claims.

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