Commercial Litigation

Cases of this nature require current knowledge of law and business, as well as experience navigating these two fields. We represent clients in the following matters:

NON-DISCLOSURE/NON-COMPETE AGREEMENTS. An employer cannot unlawfully restrict a former employee’s right to work. In those instances, it is usually necessary to litigate the merits of separation agreements, including non-disclosure or non-compete agreements. The law requires that such agreements must be reasonable in time and geography.

SHAREHOLDER RIGHTS. Occasionally, it is necessary for shareholders to take action to protect their company. Whether to address illegal conduct by directors or a breach of fiduciary duty to shareholders, derivative actions exist to empower shareholders to properly look after the company’s interests when insiders cannot or will not.

COMMERCIAL DISPUTES. Business versus business disputes. These cases take various forms, including breach of contract, unfair competition, franchise rights, and lender liability.

We represent clients in the following areas: