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Quality representation requires that clients receive effective and efficient service. In some cases, a client’s best outcome may require litigation. In other cases, it may be necessary to achieve a client’s goal without litigation or court involvement. In either case, success for clients depends upon the ability to think differently and treat each client’s case uniquely. Commitment to this ideal requires three factors:

  • Limited practice areas: It’s not possible to be everything to everybody. Judson Lee limits his practice to representing people and businesses who have been hurt or damaged, and clients who have come under criminal investigation
  • Diverse experience: Judson Lee has represented individuals and businesses before federal and state courts, administrative agencies, and multiple arbitration forums. This diverse experience allows him to bring different perspectives to each client’s case.
  • Willingness to adapt: Traditional law firm structures are impractical and inefficient for many individuals and businesses. Attorneys who want to serve these clients must be willing to innovate and adapt to this reality. The law office of Judson M. Lee exists to serve these clients.


Whether you are an individual or business, Judson Lee welcomes the opportunity to meet with you to discuss how he may be able to help you.